Bobby’s Grup – We are Cocktails Makers

The Bobby’s Grup is a cocktail bar group relying on the main skills of its two founders, Eric Basset, former Chef and hospitality consultant, and Dany Martin, mixologist and world class finalist. The Bobby’s Grup is more than a group licensing its image, it creates and opens particular bars with various atmosphere to cope with a clientele needs.

Having its co-founders teaming on these opening, Bobby’s Grup provides its clients with a dedicated atmosphere and a gastronomic and hospitality approach. The result is a 360° tailored package meeting their clientele needs, often surpassing their expectations, without compromising the group ethic or product quality.

Please see below the various locations created by Bobby’s Grup. In each one, the clientele can find a particular vibe and specific cocktails. Contact Bobby’s Grup if you would like to know more about each projects or the characters behind them.

Bobby’s Free

Bobby’s Free is a speakeasy cocktail bar in Pau Claris 85, Barcelona.
Bobby’s Free is an unique, authentic place where each client can find his moment of happiness thanks to an extended offer of drinks and signature cocktails. This speakeasy is now a place to be in Barcelona with regular mentions in the Spanish press. It is the first opening of Bobby’s Grup.


Foodingood is a consultancy about gastronomy, based on sharing happiness around food and spirits. Summing its co-founder, Eric Basset, skills and quality, Foodingood helps other business owners to create unique locations whether they are bars or restaurants always keeping its philosophy “Feel Good” in an international scope.

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Discover our locations and what we can help you create. If Bobby’s Grup services are of interest for you, feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to help you achieve your cocktails and gastronomic dreams.